Efficient driving tips to save fuel

With fuel prices skyrocketing all over the world, the way you drive is now more important than ever, and is the key to reducing fuel consumption. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), this measure can help reduce fuel consumption by between 6% and 12%. That is why we are going to give you 7 efficient driving tips to save fuel.

1. Drive smoothly

Sudden changes in speed, such as accelerating suddenly or braking hard, increase fuel consumption. For this reason, it is important to drive smoothly and anticipate what will meet you on the road so that you are always ready to accelerate and stop nicely in addition to the perfect transition between gears. For example, keep a low gear only for the first few seconds of driving, and wherever possible, use higher gears. It is best to follow the GSI (Gear Shift Indicator) instructions for your car, or if it does not have this system, try to change before 2500 rpm, because higher revs mean higher fuel consumption.

2. Turn off the engine when idle for long periods

If you continue to run the engine while your car is stopped, the engine will overheat and increase fuel consumption. So, when it comes to stopping for short periods at traffic lights for example, the engine at idle is consuming approximately 1 liter per hour. Therefore, most cars are equipped with the Start & Stop system, which shuts off the engine when stopped to reduce fuel consumption.

. Maintain a steady speed

Changes in speed affect fuel consumption, so it is best to maintain the same speed as long as traffic and the road allow you to do so. That’s why the adaptive cruise control system available on some cars is the perfect solution for controlling your speed on flat roads, such as highways. In this regard, it has been proven that driving at a constant speed, within the permitted speeds, on highways alone helps in saving 11% of fuel consumption.

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