Guide to the Elemental Shaman class in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

In World of Warcraft, each class and character is unique and applicable to a number of tasks for which other skills would not be applicable or relevant.

The player must know the main direction of his character, skills, the correctness of their application, and be able to get equipment for himself.

One of the best gear loot options is the Legendary + Raids. Areas with unlimited opportunity to raise the boss until you stock up on equipment of the appropriate level. Keys must be entered, and there is always an option to increase or decrease the difficulty level.

You can always follow the link – and order the passage of Legendary + raids from professional players, which guarantees you that you will complete the dungeon and get the opportunity to collect the reward in full on your own, without sharing with other players.

General information about the Elemental Shaman specialization in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

First of all, the shaman is a combo class of fighter and caster in one person with the ability to choose several skills and flexibly combine them.

The Shaman can use auxiliary skills, inflict damage on single and AoE targets, and is agile and fast enough to attack on the move.

Advantages and disadvantages of the primary shaman class


  • Great variation in talent selection and game styles.
  • Lots of utility capabilities to use.
  • The selective ability to damage the profile is massive, single, cyclic or explosive.
  • It is very easy to learn for beginners unlike other classes.
  • There is a combination of skills that will inflict strong damage on the enemy while the character is moving, while remaining mobile in battle.


  • Not all support skills have noticeable help and directly affect during raids.
  • At certain points, they can be inferior to another class with a certain specialization, not a war-mage combo.

The main characteristics and strength of the Shaman character characterize the element

Mastery is a general stat that greatly enhances the effectiveness of skill use. The more you enhance your characteristics through equipment that will be obtained in raids and crafting, the more your skills will work with the enemy.

Speed ​​- an important parameter that increases the overall speed of running, attacking, casting spells, recovery speed of runes and spell charges for individual classes.

Versatility is a criterion that simultaneously increases the overall effectiveness of offense and defense. The higher the parameter, the more powerful you will be in attacking the enemy and keeping the hit from targets at your level and above.

It is a chance parameter that multiplies damage when inflicted. Chance and critical damage work not only on physical attacks and skills, but also on magic attacks and spells.

Passive and active skills of the initial specialization of the shaman class

Strength increase is a skill that will increase the damage and effectiveness of all skills that the shaman can use. Spells will have a buff and more use, faster cooldown, and magical skills will transfer to nearby targets when triggered.

Stormkeeper – a skill that greatly enhances all lightning spells, and initially allows you to increase the total damage and remove the time it takes to cast spells for a certain period of time.

Fire elemental is a powerful summonable ally that attacks enemies with the power of fire, dealing burns and general base damage.

Wind elemental is a powerful companion that can be similarly summoned who will fight alongside you, dealing wind damage to the enemy.

Earth Elemental – To summon a powerful ally on Earth that protects the player and their allies and increases their overall health by 15%.

Master of Elementals – Significantly changes the summoning mechanisms of all types of Elementals. Each of them will have additional skills that can be applied. At the time of summoning, the player will have direct control over each summoned creature with the ability to change the attack target and use skills at their discretion, not trusting this task to the game mechanics.

– It has a long cast, but upon successful application it will inflict heavy ice damage on the target enemy and increase the attack power of another spell – Ice Shock.

Primordial Wave – deals damage to the enemy, applies magic, which depends on the chosen specialization. The item will damage enemies with the power of lava.

Frost Shock – Deals damage, enhanced by Frost Fury. The enemy receives critical damage, the effect of hypothermia and freezing, which slows down the target by half.

Lava Explosion – Deals massive fire damage with additional burns, if the target is affected by the flame shock effect, then the skill is guaranteed to cause massive damage.

Flame Shock – Deals fire damage and deals additional periodic damage that will burn the enemy’s main health.

Ancestral Service is a skill that allows you to use most skills while moving.

Elemental Strike is a skill that deals elemental damage, increases the chance of a critical skill, and increases overall haste. The mastery characteristic also increases.

Tournament – Increases the overall speed of yourself and your allies by 30% in battles and raids. The minus of the skill is the imposition of a passive effect of burnout, which prohibits the use of the skill again for 10 minutes.

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