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How to Increase AdSense CPC Rates in 2023

How to Increase AdSense CPC Rates in 2023

In 2023, you may decide to charge more per click. Pay-per-click (PPC) or cost-per-click (CPC) refers to the amount advertisers have to pay when one of their ads is clicked on your website. So, on the other hand, it is the money Google AdSense publishers earn from the money advertisers pay them.

It is true that the cost-per-click (CPC) prices of your AdSense ads will fluctuate based on the different bids (automatic and manual) that advertisers place on your site or blog. As a result, you cannot change CPC rates yourself, but there are factors that may affect it and will have an indirect effect.

15 ways to improve your AdSense CPC

Remember that the CPC rates shown in the AdSense performance report do not reflect the actual CPC that advertisers pay for a single click. In fact, this figure is only 68% of the real average CPC. This is because Google takes 32% of any money you earn from serving ads with AdSense for content and keeps it as its own revenue share (Payments).

Similar to how Google keeps 49% of all AdSense for search earnings, the publisher gets only 51%. Now, the topic of what AdSense publishers might do to increase CPC rates and increase the money such ads bring in is emerging. To help you maximize your Google AdSense earnings, I’ve compiled some tried and true tips from my own experience and pass them on to you.

In my view, we should strive to increase the number of advertisers we work with so that the CPC prices they pay to appear on our sites and blogs go up. AdSense CPC rates can be increased by a number of means, some of which are discussed below.

Link your AdSense account with Google Analytics

Increase your earnings with CPC by linking your AdSense account and Google Analytics. This is the latest easy hack I used last month and it showed up in my AdSense performance report as higher CPC rates. Besides the sources that bring in the most money, the Google Analytics AdSense report will also show you which pages receive the most traffic.

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Thus, using the filtering capabilities of MS Excel, you can determine which sites have the highest CPC rates. Therefore, you need to produce more articles on this topic, since it commands higher CPC rates. But if you are not comfortable with Microsoft Excel, you can hire me at an affordable rate.

Create a channel dedicated to ad units

Create a unique ad channel to increase your CPM. One of my favorite ways to increase your AdSense CPC is to do this. The primary goal of creating a custom channel is to increase the relevance of ads displayed on your website and blog pages.

As the number of advertisers competing to be on a particular page increases, so does the cost per click that an advertiser must be willing to spend.


Display ads to enable image and text ad types

If you want higher CPC rates, both text ads and image ads must be enabled. Text, images, animations, rich media, and Flash are the five main categories of AdSense ads. There are two main types of ads, text ads and graphic ads.

I think it is a good idea for everyone to enable both text and image ads in their AdSense ad units. If more advertisers see your site, they will be willing to pay you a higher cost per click.

Higher performing ad format

Improve your CPC by switching to a better ad format. To get maximum earnings from AdSense, it is never clear what ad size to use on a particular blog or website. In fact, it depends on your website design and the ad slots you have set up to display AdSense ads.

However, I suggest everyone use Leaderboard Rectangles (728×90), Medium (300×250), Large (336×280), Large Skyscraper (300×600), and Mobile Banner (320×50) on mobile sites.

On the other hand, the responsive AdSense ad type adapts to the screen size of the visitor’s device so that it displays correctly in all available ad spaces on your site or blog.

Place your AdSense ads appropriately.

Place your AdSense ads where you will get the highest CTRs. Good! Finding the optimal site to display AdSense ads that generate the most CPC is difficult. I recommend placing an AdSense ad unit icon in the header, another at the conclusion of the post or article, and a third in the sidebar or footer. You should never put all three pieces of ad unit code in the same place.

If you are having trouble deciding where to place your AdSense ads, this guide may help: AdSense ad codes should be placed in appropriate blog sites.

How to Increase Adsense CPC Rates in 2023

Only one ad network should be used.

Maximize your CPC with a single advertising platform. Hey ho! Bing Network Contextual Ads, powered by, Infolinks, Clicksor, BuySell Ads, etc. are just a few examples of the various ad networks available over the internet. However, if you want to get higher AdSense CPC rates, you should not use any other ad networks.

Website visitors and CPC rates Website visitors and CPC rates.

In my opinion, CPC rates also depend on the location of your site users. AdSense also shows ads related to users i.e. relevant ads must come from advertisers located in their country.

After analyzing my CPC rates for the past year, I may conclude that advertisers from countries like the US, Canada, Germany, Australia, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, the UK, Spain, Albania and Iraq pay more per click than other countries such as Thailand, Bangladesh, Colombia, France, Tanzania, Turkey, Pakistan and Sri Lanka Nepal and India.

Take advantage of the allow and block ads feature in Google AdSense.

To increase your CPC, use AdSense’s Allow/Block Ads feature. The AdSense team has just introduced a cool new feature to its authors called “Allow and Block Ads”. As a result, you get to pick and choose which ad will appear on your site.

Ad blocking will start working immediately. In fact, bidders/advertisers are instantly alerted any time you block an ad network or individual ads, so that they only serve ads relevant to your website. If more people bid on your item in real time, your CPC will go up. Keep in mind that if users continually block your ads, your AdSense earnings may suffer in the long run.

Modify the site layout.

If you want higher CPC rates, you can consider redesigning your site. Every blogger or website owner hopes to create a site that visually stands out from the crowd. In addition, they distribute AdSense ads to a variety of slots, each of which can be customized to suit individual tastes. There is a lot of misunderstanding about the optimal Google AdSense blog design. Since Google AdSense has introduced a standard ad serving style, your site design is free to adapt to this new format.

AdSense recommends that websites use formats that put information front and center, rather than formats that bury you below the fold, as examples of effective ad placement. Therefore, don’t stuff all three AdSense ads above the fold. Ads that are strategically placed close to the content your visitors and users are interested in may command a higher cost per click as a result of this technology.

Know your customers.

To achieve higher CPC rates. Ask your readers if they found the information they were looking for on your blog or website to gain insight into their needs. They are essential if you want to increase your AdSense CPC, since more visitors means more page views, which means more ad impressions and higher bid prices.

Keywords, specific target markets, markets and search terms.

This affects CPC prices. Your site’s topic and topics may affect CPC rates for AdSense ads; You cannot overlook the fact that Google AdSense is mostly for content ads. You don’t have to search and buy the most profitable keywords.

Simply go to the Google Analytics account you have associated with your Google AdSense account, then choose Keyword from the provision list to see the search terms people have typed in to find your blog or website. After you have exported your entire keyword data to MS-Excel, you can now sort the results to show only the highest CPC keywords.

Producing high quality work Producing work on an equal footing.

CPC rates will be increased. Let’s say that even though there is more content and traffic than any other site, the CPC prices for AdSense ads are lower than it is for them. The first site has the lowest CPC because it relies more on material copied from blogs and other sites than on its own unique work. In fact, search engines like Google, Bing/Yahoo, Ask, etc. will scan your article or materials any time you post it online.

Someone else then copied the work without attributing it to the original author(s). As a result, most search engines avoid indexing their information, possibly because they consider it to be of poor quality. This results in the lowest CPC rates for AdSense publishers as advertisers will not bid on duplicate material.

To encourage advertisers to compete for ad space on your website, you should focus on providing unique, high-quality materials.

AdWords PPC and domain advertising spending.

Pricing depends on the domain name of your website. One of the most important elements that may affect how much you pay per click is the website’s domain name. This is because visitor expectations will be set by your domain name. Make sure your domain name is relevant to your site’s theme and keywords.

CPC rates are affected by a number of variables, including the quality of your content and the niche your site is in, but this isn’t one of them.

Implement a responsive theme.

Increase your CPC with a responsive theme or template. Yes, you must acknowledge the fact that the vast majority of internet users today use the web on mobile devices such as phones and tablets rather than desktop computers to get the information they want.

More users means more opportunities to view ads, which means higher CPC costs. As a result, make sure that your website or blog has a responsive template.

Do the split test.

To boost your Google AdSense CPC rate, you may need to experiment sometimes without fully understanding the consequences. Finally, it’s up to you to run split tests of your websites, AdSense ads, and anything else that can have a beneficial effect on your CPC rates.

So, you don’t have to worry about lower income as a result of lower CPC rates. If you stick to the advice above, you should be able to raise your CPCs. Feel free to tell me if you tried any of the above strategies and if the results improved your AdSense CPC rates.

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