The Thrill of the Hunt: Experiencing the Intensity of Cape Buffalo Hunting

Every hunter has a dream of killing the Cape buffalo or the African buffalo. Don’t be fooled by how peaceful the flock seems. Sometimes known as the Black Death of Africa, the Cape Buffalo is the deadliest animal among the Big Five when it strikes. When provoked, the Buffalo can be sneaky, spiteful, and violent.

The Cape buffalo is found in more than just the Cape. They are scattered throughout the landscape of South Africa. Their normal day consists of slow grazing in the dense bush. At night, flocks congregate to keep their young safe from lions and other predators.

Both bulls and cows have horns, but bull horns are much larger and more impressive in appearance. Cape Buffalo cows lack a head on their forehead like a bull.

An impressive Big Five trophy, the Cape Buffalo may weigh up to 1.8 tons (or 816 kg).

Buffalo hunting

375 caliber shotgun to the head will do the trick when. In order to avoid excessive penetration and accidentally harming another animal in the herd, many hunters use a .375 with a good quality soft bullet for their initial shot. When a second shot is needed, they will use solid 40-caliber bullets for maximum penetration.

Even if the Black Death was hit, it might still be extremely difficult to defeat. The buffalo’s incredible strength comes from the adrenaline pumping through its massive veins. If you have to take the follow-up shot in the thick cover of bush, they will be powerful, fast and ferocious.

Take the expert hunter’s advice on what type of gun and ammunition to use, as well as his suggestions on where you should aim your shots.

The Zulu people of South Africa have a word that describes Cape Buffalo’s incredible strength: inyati. Hunters generally agree that if the first shot misses the buffalo, further rounds will only serve to further excite the animal. An angry Cape Buffalo can add a whole new level of excitement (or danger) to a. Use your expert hunting knowledge to make smart choices.

Place your shot

Aiming at Cape Buffalo’s head or heart will increase your chances of killing it with a single shot. If you’re up close and personal, aim for V.

When shooting from behind, aim for the junction of the neck and shoulder. Shooting at the right depth should cause the bullet to enter the heart or the back of the head due to the strong 40-gauge penetration.

Your ultimate goal should be to save yourself from the arduous, days-long hunt for a wounded buffalo.

Relax, aim your target, shoot without jerking the gun, and you’ll have a much better chance of hitting your mark. The gun must be held against something stable, so that it does not bounce and cause you to miss your target.

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