Ana de Armas Reveals How Harassment of Her Relationship with Ben Affleck Made Her a Harsh Decision: “It Was Terrible”

Anna de Armas talks about her first relationship with actor Ben Afleck for about a year. This Wednesday (13), in an interview with the actress, she commented on the ongoing harassment of the couple during the Coronavirus outbreak in the Los Angeles Paparazzi.

The relationship between Armas and Aflek, which began in early 2020 and ended in less than a year in January 2021, was almost daily harassed by photographers. Explaining her situation to Anna, Anna says: “It was terrible. Really, that was good. One of the reasons I moved from Los Angeles was: “It’s about salvation, isn’t it?

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Before the radical change, the actress lived in Los Angeles, USA for seven years. During this time, until she had this problem, when she began to meet Ben, she followed a number of celebrities who followed her to the paparazzi. Going through this, I reaffirm the view that ‘this is not my home’. It’s a little difficult for me. There is no escape. There is no way out, ”said the Cuban.

Now, the artist lives in New York, as well as in the United States, with her current boyfriend, executive app Tinder, Paul Bokadakis. When you look at Los Angeles, Anna analyzes: This is a city that constantly worries you, which is why the 32-year-old actress and 48-year-old Ben Aflek parted ways in January last year.

Disconnected. Their relationship was complicated. Anna no longer wants to live in LA and Ben has made it clear that he has to stay because he has children in LA. ”The source said in January 2021. They are very different times in their lives, but there is a lot of love and respect. The insider added.

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Anna de Armas has been involved in “Knife and Mystery”, “Sergio”, “Blade Runner 2049” and “Aguas Profundas”. Her next project, “Hidden Agent,” begins July 22 on Netflix. According to Ele magazine, the film had the largest budget in the world. In the stream, he is introduced to Chris Evans, Ryan Gosling, Reggae-Jean Page and Wagner Moura. Watch the trailer.

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