Suzume no Tojimari: The mysterious trailer for Makoto Shinkai’s new film


Although he has directed, written and even designed and analyzed several projects before your name, this is the 2016 film Makoto Shinkai became a world-renowned filmmaker, producing some of the most successful films in Japan. That is why there is so much interest in his new project and the new trailer gives us a glimpse of what we will see in the film.

His name is Suzume (known as Him in Japan) Suzume no Tojimari “Suzume’s Next Door”, and as we see in the new trailer, the story will be full of magic, mystery and adventure between worlds. That looks like it’s full of debris.

According to the official premise, a 17-year-old girl named Suzume meets a mysterious young man who tells her that he is “looking for the door”. When he meets him, Suzume arrives and secret doors begin to appear in Japan, so he must close them before another disaster occurs.

As is typical of Shinkai’s works, the film tells the story of this girl’s journey between worlds with a wonderful and colorful design.

Suzume will launch in Japan in November. It will arrive in Brazil, Spain, the US and other regions in early 2023.

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