These are the 20 most common symptoms of Covid, is there still anosmia?

These are the 20 most common symptoms of Covid, is there still loss of sense of smell?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Covid-19 pandemic situation in Indonesia is back again due to the new variants, Omicron BA.4 and BA.5. The two sub-variables have high transmission characteristics.

Therefore, it is important for the public to know a number of symptoms so that they can get tested as quickly as possible.

In this new wave of Covid, sore throats are the most common symptom experienced by people who are exposed to it, according to new research data from the Zoe Covid study, reported by Sky News. The next symptom is followed by a headache and stuffy nose.

This differs from the case at the beginning of a pandemic, where the predominant symptoms are high temperature, loss of taste and coughing. However, these general symptoms at the beginning of COVID-19 actually became the last order of what patients were exposed to.

The Covid virus is still rampant at this time, said Tim Spector, co-founder and lead of the Zoe Health Study. With so many new variants present, symptoms change.

“So if you have cold-like symptoms, you are almost twice as likely to catch Covid,” Tim said, citing Sky News, Sunday (17/7/2022).

The following 20 symptoms of Covid-19 have been reported from 17,500 patients who tested positive:

  1. Sore throat 58%
  2. headache 49%
  3. 40% nasal congestion
  4. cough without phlegm 40%
  5. runny nose 40%
  6. Cough with sputum 37%
  7. Hoarseness 35%
  8. Persin 32%
  9. fatigue 27%
  10. muscle pain 25%
  11. 18% rotary
  12. Swollen cervical glands 15%
  13. Eye pain 14%
  14. smell changed 13%
  15. Chest pain 13% tightness
  16. 13% fever
  17. shivering 12%
  18. Shortness of breath 11%
  19. earache 11%
  20. Loss of smell (loss of smell) 10%.

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