What is Cervical Cancer, Causes and Passes? Cervical Cancer Symptoms and Treatment

What is cervical cancer, its causes and ways of passing it? Cervical cancer symptoms and treatment

Experts do a lot of research on this topic. Research results indicate that approximately 300,000 women worldwide die from cervical cancer each year. When cervical cancer is undetected and advanced, it is very serious and can be fatal. For this reason, it is very necessary and important for every woman to have regular check-ups and take precautions against cervical cancer. In this content we will tell you what is cervical cancer, why does it occur and does it pass? We have collected detailed information about cervical cancer symptoms and treatment. Here’s all the curiosity about cervical (cervical) cancer.

What is cervical cancer?

Cervical cancer is also known as cervical cancer. In women, the part below the uterus is called the cervix. Cancer that occurs in this area is called cervical cancer. This area also remains between the uterus and the vagina and widens during childbirth, which helps labor to occur. Since cancer in this area is very dangerous for women, every woman who has a regular sex life should undergo a smear test annually. Abnormal cells that appear in the cervix can turn into cancerous cells. Therefore, all changes in this area should be monitored regularly. Because many women are not aware of tissue change in the area before they develop cervical cancer. However, tissue changes observed during this period can be easily treated before they turn into cancer.

What causes cervical cancer?

In response to the answer to the question about the causes of cervical cancer, the reasons can be listed as follows; Initiation of sex at a young age, giving birth too much, having multiple sexual partners, smoking. In addition to all this, studies have revealed that the main cause of almost all of this type of cancer is HPV. There are different types of this virus, and it is especially contagious through sexual contact. Because some types are more serious, smear exams should be done regularly.

Is cervical cancer acceptable?

Many people wonder if cervical cancer will pass. If diagnosed early, the probability of success is very high.

How is cervical cancer transmitted?

The most definitive answer to the question of how cervical cancer is transmitted is the human papillomavirus. Experts have proven by many studies that this virus causes cervical cancer. Whether or not a person has this virus can be easily understood by smear tests.

Cervical cancer symptoms

We have listed the prominent symptoms among the cervical cancer symptoms for you;

  • In addition to menstrual irregularities, unexpected bleeding after intercourse,
  • painful intercourse
  • Pain in the legs, back and vagina.
  • Weight loss due to loss of appetite, constant weakness, feeling tired all the time,
  • Discharge from the vagina with a different smell,
  • swelling in one leg,
  • Painful urination.

Cervical cancer treatment

Two different methods of treating cervical cancer are preferred. The first is surgery. The second is drugs that reduce the incidence of cancer, such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Since the cancer does not spread much in the early stages, surgery is most preferred, but it is a more specific solution.

When do cervical cancer symptoms occur?

The answer to the question of when cervical cancer symptoms appear is actually instant. Especially the various pains and secretions should be taken seriously and a specialist doctor should be consulted without wasting time.

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