Toyota Lexus Offer 10 Years of Connected Services on Some Models

Toyota, Lexus Offer 10 Years of Connected Services on Some Models Some Toyota and Lexus shoppers will be able to get a long-term experience of Safety Connect services, including emergency assistance and roadside assistance. While one to three years experience for such services is the norm, parent automaker Toyota (Lexus is a luxury subsidiary) extends that time frame to 10 years — longer than many owners keep their cars.

Toyota, Lexus Offer 10 Years of Connected Services on Some Models

Available through Toyota or Lexus apps, it comes with emergency assistance services that can be accessed at the push of a button inside the vehicle in the event of a medical emergency or on the road. It also brings improved roadside assistance, an automatic 24-hour collision notification, and a stolen vehicle locator. Meanwhile, it helps manage preventative maintenance with routine maintenance reminders and alerts and vehicle health reports.

toyota-safety-delivery-graphic-OEM Toyota Safety Connect | Manufacturer’s photo

Currently, most new Toyota vehicles come with a one-year trial of Safety Connect with the option to subscribe after the trial period ends, along with a 10-year trial of the Service Connect preventative maintenance technology package without a subscription option. Most Lexus vehicles offer their service for three years and the same 10-year trial period for a service delivery service as Toyota. After the trial period ends, vehicle owners can pay $80 per year or $8 per month to subscribe to Safety Connect.

These trial periods are now updated on most 2023 models and some 2022 vehicles with a 10-year trial period for both Safety Connect and Service Connect, plus the option to sign up for both after the trial period ends. Here is the full list:


  • 2023 BZ
  • 2023 Corolla, Corolla GR, Corolla Hatchback
  • 2023 Corolla Cross
  • 2023 Crown Prince
  • 2023 Highlander
  • 2023 RAV4
  • 2023 Sequoia
  • 2022-23 Tundra
  • 2023 VENZA


  • 2023 AD
  • 2022-23 NX
  • 2023 LS
  • 2022-23 LX
  • 2023 RX
  • 2023 RZ
  • 2023 User Experience

Any vehicles not listed above will continue to offer their respective brands’ existing options, with a few exceptions: The Toyota GR Supra offers four years of experience with two years of roadside assistance, while the Toyota GR86 features a one-year Safety Connect and Service Connect experience. Eligible vehicles must use the latest version of Toyota’s multimedia system.

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