Tesla Model Y Vs. Genesis GV60 Performance: Which Is Faster?

Tesla Model Y Vs. Genesis GV60 Performance: Which Is Faster? Within the long-running Tesla mobile app is an Acceleration Boost option which, at the press of a button—and the $2,000 disappearance from our ledger—claims to drop the electric vehicle’s 0-60 mph time from 4.8 seconds to 4.2 seconds. We timed this mode open with the arrival of our test fleet because the GV60’s claiming a 4-second 0-62 mph time should be pretty close to matching.

With our Model Y’s Acceleration Boost now available and the GV60 Performance’s Boost Mode open for maximum performance, we tested acceleration from 0 to 60 and a quarter mile to see which was faster. Is acceleration alone a reason to buy an electric vehicle over another? No, of course not, but if there’s one thing that’s exciting about luxury electric SUVs, it’s that they can have sports car acceleration levels with relatively little impact on drivability and efficiency.

Tesla Model Y Vs. Genesis GV60 Performance: Which Is Faster?

Tesla Model Y-2021-06- Outside- Dragstrip- Profile

Tesla Model Y Vs. Genesis GV60 Performance: Which Is Faster?

2021 Tesla Model Y Long Range With Enhanced Acceleration

We added our Model Y, a long-range model with an optional third row and tow package, to our long-range fleet to use as a benchmark against the explosive availability of electric vehicles. Meanwhile, the $2000 acceleration boost option stared at us every time we opened the Tesla app, saying “Click me, click me!” So we clicked on it. In less than 5 minutes, with the car connected to the home Wi-Fi, the in-car display rebooted, and voila, we just tuned our Model Y with extra power and a new acceleration mode by literally pressing a button; Now, the “normal” acceleration mode has been replaced by “sport”.

In previous testing, the Model Y sprinted from 0-60 in 4.79 seconds and ran the quarter-mile in 12.77 seconds at 114.35 mph, which we thought was respectable, but the Model Y would need all the acceleration thrust a performance GV60 could encounter.

Tesla Model Y Vs. Genesis GV60 Performance: Which Is Faster?


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Performance 2023 Genesis GV60 with Boost Mode

Tesla isn’t the only electric car with a boost. The all-new GV60 Performance has a Boost mode, activated by a button on the steering wheel, which gives the car an additional 54 horsepower for 10 seconds to help it accelerate from 0-62 in 4 seconds. But what does that mean for 0-60 mph? More importantly for this test, what does that mean for someone interested in a $70,000 electric SUV? This SUV is just $805: the performance GV60 starts at $69,385 with destination, while the long-range Model Y with a $2,000 acceleration boost is $69,190.

Acceleration results

With both electric vehicles charged to well over 90% battery, the GV60 Performance felt a huge advantage and wow factor on our Model Y from the feel of the pants behind the wheel, and the numbers made a huge difference, too. The Model Y’s 0-60 time of 4.32 seconds with Acceleration Boost was significantly lagging behind the 3.77 seconds that the GV60 performed using boost mode. However, we did notice parity of acceleration, with the GV60’s boost mode not being used, slowing its 0-60 time to 4.35 seconds, much closer to 4.32 seconds on the Model Y. with Acceleration enhancement. In the quarter mile, the 12.03-second GV60 Performance at 112.27 mph beat the 12.4-second Model Y at 113.7 mph; Without Boost mode, the GV60 Performance’s quarter-mile time was 12.6 seconds at 109.83 mph.

Tesla Model Y Vs. Genesis GV60 Performance: Which Is Faster?

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In their respective boost modes, the difference between these two is even more stark from the 0-60, where the GV60 Performance blasts off from a standstill with a violent launch and whack of wheel spin, versus the Y model’s more reserved power application that doesn’t instantly signal open acceleration mode. new. However, after 10 seconds, the GV60’s acceleration cools down when the boost mode is depleted and it accelerates very similarly to the quarter-mile mark.

Was the Model Y’s performance akin to that of the GV60? Yes, with a 0-60 claim for 3.5 seconds. Does Model Y cost as much performance as Model Y long-range with Boost acceleration? Close, at $2000 more when comparing the underlying performance of the Y Long Range to the base Y Long Range. Do we regret spending $2000 on boosting acceleration? Well, that conclusion should wait while we continue to monitor long-term efficiency and performance.

The bummer about what we learned in this test is, yes, the GV60’s performance is a wild ride for the price. Behind the wheel, there is virtually no confusion about which one is the most aggressive; It is GV60. But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s also rare. Currently, GV60s are only sold in select states (Arizona, California, Connecticut, New Jersey, Nevada, New York, Utah and Washington) and have very limited availability.

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